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Llanbedr and Huchenfeld were twinned in 2008 following many years of exchanges between schools, churches, musicians and community leaders. A close relationship was developed and goodwill established between the communities, in remembrance of the ghastly occurrences in 1945 at Pforzheim and Huchenfeld during the Second World War.

Llanbedr und Huchenfeld wurden im Jahr 2008 nach vielen Jahren des Austausches zwischen Schulen, Kirchen, Musikern und Gemeindeleitern Partnergemeinden. Eine enge Beziehung und Wohlwollen entwickelte sich zwischen den Gemeinden, in Erinnerung an die schrecklichen Ereignisse im Jahr 1945 in Pforzheim und Huchenfeld, verursacht durch den Zweiten Weltkrieg.

Gefeilliwyd Llanbedr â Huchenfeld yn 2008 wedi nifer o flynyddoedd o gyfnewid rhwng yr ysgolion, eglwysi, cerddorion ac arweinwyr y cymunedau. Datblygwyd perthynas agos a sefydlwyd ewyllys da rhwng y cymunedau er cof am y digwyddiadau erchyll ym 1945 yn Pforzheim a Huchenfeld yn ystod yr Ail Ryfel Byd.




We - that's the Cross-of-Nails-Group and the Friends-of-Wales-Club - proposed John Wynne for the Gernika Peace Prize and we are all delighted that the committee in Gernika chose John to get the Peace Prize this year.

The presenting of the Peace Prize was on April 26th in Gernika (North Spain). Ben and his wife represented John at the presentation. We are glad about that. From Huchenfeld Petra Alexy, Bernd Heintz, Sabine Gebhart and Susanne Braeutigam joined the Delegation from Pforzheim.

 The Prize was established in 2005 by the City Council of Gernika and Pforzheim and the organisations Gernika Gogoratuz (Institute for Peace), Peace Museum Gernika and the forcinghouse Gernika. The Award was established to award people or organisations who work for peace and reconciliation and to make their work more puplic.

Gernika and Pforzheim established this Prize because they had the same fate in the Second World War. Gernika was destroyed in the Second World War on April 26th by German and Italian Air Force. Pforzheim is twinned with Gernika since 1989.




Bu Band Acordion Huchenfeld yn ymweld â’r ardal yn ystod wythnos 20-26 Mai 2013. Cafwyd gwledd o gerddoriaeth gan y Band Acordion ar y cyd â Chôr Meibion Ardudwy a Chôr Meibion Prysor.


The Huchenfeld Accordion Band visited the area during the week 20-26 May 2013. We enjoyed great musical performances by the Accordion Band together with Côr Meibion Prysor and Côr Meibion Ardudwy.





Our friends at Huchenfeld  celebrated the 5th anniversary of our twinning. Here are some pictures:

 Bu dathliad o'r gefeillio gan ein cyfeillion yn Huchenfeld. Dyma luniau - mae'n amlwg eu bônt yn falch o’r berthynas:








Hochfeldhalle with guests                             Hope                                                           Skype event








The Huchenfeld choir                                   Susanne Bräutigam, our new priest in front of the choir       accordion orchestra








 prayers:Martin, Rotraut, Birgit Kurfiss, Sabine Gebhart       Kindergarten singing English songs              Sabine gave a cheque to the accordion orchestra for their visit in May

 (Mayor) Sabine Gebhart and Hope              Huchenfeld children choir                                                                      Women power of Huchenfeld: Rebecca Stralendorff, headmistress of the school, Susanne Bräutigam and Sabine Gebhart


The delegation from Huchenfeld during their visit to the 2013 Llanbedr Beer Festival.



Cynrychiolwyr pobl Huchenfeld yn ystod eu hymweliad â'r Ŵyl Gwrw  yn 2013











October /Hydref 2018

by Alex Jones - Meirionnydd, Arfon & Dwyfor reporter

Helen Johns, Llanbedr Community Councillor; Frau Sabine Wagner, mayor of Huchenfeld; Susanne Davies, of St Peter’s Church, Llanbedr; Frau Renate Beck-Ehinger, a friend of John Wynne; Kevin Titley, chair of Llanbedr Community Council; Gruffydd Price, vice-chairman of Llanbedr Community Council; and Herr Bernd Heinz, chair of the Freundeskreis Wales Club in Huchenfeld

A PARTY to celebrate a decade since the twinning of two towns united by the horrors of the Second World War has proved a great success.

A group of Llanbedr councillors travelled to Huchenfeld, near Stuttgart, to commemorate a decade since the official twinning ceremony.

Hundreds of schoolchildren have travelled to and from Germany on educational trips over the last 15 years in a bid to encourage understanding and tolerance.

The friendship developed after John Wynne of Llanbedr, a former RAF Wing Commander, presented a Welsh rocking horse to the village as a symbol of hope in the mid-1990s.

Wing Commander Wynne lost his aircrew in Huchenfeld after they were killed by the Nazis and Pforzheim, near the German town, was devastated by bombing raids.

Chair of Llanbedr Community Council Kevin Titley, who travelled to south Germany over the weekend, was pleased to reinforce the links between Llanbedr and Huchenfeld.

“The delegation from Llanbedr received a warm welcome from Frau Sabine Wagner, the mayor of Huchenfeld, and from the Freundeskreis Wales club,” he said.

“We had a very enjoyable visit as the people of Huchenfeld were very hospitable and had arranged a busy schedule of activities for us. We also agreed on some priorities to take the twinning relationship forward.

“Frau Wagner was presented with a present from Llanbedr to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the twinning and was also given a greetings card made by the children of Ysgol Gynradd Llanbedr that was signed by each child.”